Teaching Pre school, Kindergarten I, Kindergarten II and grade 1 since 2005 in Abu Dhabi, I'm responsible not only to develop my lessons plans (week, unit and year) but I make the decoration of boards, I teach choreography for school shows, I had trained the girls volleyball varsity team and I develop my own games adapting to the reality os my students, to the available equipment and educational learning necessities.

               Above some examples of my work.

PTC Conference

Parent-teacher conference... I have the biggest queue of parents waiting to talk to me... and I have never received a complain.

Elementary board

Board for elementary students in front of the gym.

Uniforme alert

I develop this in 2015 to be used in PE to alert parents about properly uniform in PE classes and track the students.

Skeleton game

Learning about bones, muscles and why they are important. After watching a video its time to play!


Self-evaluation after PE class.


Learning to make cartwheel - for small kids.

Class management

I'm proud of myself and I can manage 2 classes combined, with almost 50 students on the same time and have 90% of learning objectives done.


Learning how hold the tennis racket and practice toss. Class number 1.

Dance performance

Dance performance in 2015 with KG students and only 2 weeks practice. Theme: Kung Fu Panda


Bring your water bottle customized to play bowling.

My classroom..

To win the trust of my little students, I always try to maintain a friendly and happy enviroment.

KG Gym board

KG I and II board with gym rules, lesson plan, objectives of the Term, UAE values to be follow and tips about life style.

Sports Day

Sports Day - Games for students and teachers.

Sport Houses

Board for Sport Houses in HS

Sports Day

Teachers play in Sports Day to score points for they classrooms.

Gymnastic Term

Gymnastic Circuit - To practice the skills learned in the Term.

Movement Concept

Circuit to practice Under, Over, Right, Left, Straight, Curve, Walk, Run, Gallop, Jump, Hop.

KG Gym door

KG Gym door - Term about Gymnastic with appreciation of talented students.

Locomotor Movement

Practicing straight, zig zag and curve lines with locomotor movements - walk, run, hop, jump, gallop - forward, backward and side to side.


100 Days of school with 100 exercises!


Coach of the school volleyball team - girls team.


Best sport team ever! We won!


Kindergarten Sports Day - 14 classes playing all day with teachers and assistants competition at the end of the day.

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I developed different certificates for all school events.